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Mostbet: UEFA president Alexander Čeferin takes stock of an eventful year for UEFA and European soccer, stressing that the core values that underpin the game must be preserved and protected for its future.

Looking back on this unforgettable year for UEFA and the entire European soccer community, it is difficult to single out our main achievement.

The list of possible “winners” is too long. Club and national team captains have lifted UEFA trophies over their heads in as many as seven tournaments: EURO 2020, the League of Nations, the Men’s and Women’s Champions Leagues, the Europa League, the European Youth Championship and the Futsal Champions League.

The start of the new cycles of the club tournaments ensured a winning situation for both women’s and men’s soccer. The dramatic changes in the Women’s Champions League have significantly increased its competitive balance, popularity and prestige, while the creation of the Conference League has made our men’s tournaments more inclusive, with a number of clubs making their first appearance on the European stage.

Soccer’s Victory Over the Coronavirus

Soccer has achieved its own athletic victories over the pandemic: first, by hosting so many matches throughout the year amid ever-changing health regulations, and second, by showing that fans can return to stadiums safely.

Over the past 12 months, everyone in our community has contributed to these outstanding successes – national associations, players, leagues, clubs, coaches, referees, fans, partners and the media.

But our main achievement deserves special recognition. It is about defending the European model of sport, which defines the mission of UEFA, its national associations and a host of other sports organizations. Based on a pyramidal structure that links mass soccer at its base with elite soccer at its top, this model works with a double effect. Not only does it reinvest the funds generated by professional competitions in soccer as a whole, but it also ensures that clubs are promoted or relegated depending on their performance.

Few organizations guard the values of the European sport model more than UEFA. Every four years, our European Championship sends a substantial part of its revenues through the HatTrick program to the development of soccer in all corners of the continent.

Soccer Pyramid Projects

Between 2020 and 2024, €775.5 million of EURO 2020 revenues will help projects at all different levels of the soccer pyramid, from training coaches in men’s and women’s soccer to supporting grassroots soccer teams and training young players who aspire to one day take part in the European Championship. The principle of open competition, on which this model is based, was also a key factor in the creation of the Conference League. All 55 associations are now guaranteed representation in at least one of UEFA’s tournaments every season.

The ill-fated attempt in April to create a closed “super league” that would only be aimed at funding the bank accounts of a few clubs threatened the underlying values of the European model of sport and the very mission of UEFA. Its collapse, prompted by political and public condemnation across the continent, was our shared and most meaningful victory in 2021.

I would like to express my personal gratitude to each and every one of you for supporting UEFA at such a difficult time. Your support has ensured that all our achievements will continue to help build a stable future for soccer in Europe for many years to come.